The year was 1978. The place was Norman, Oklahoma, a bustling university town. The budding new business was called Taco Mayo*. The reason for the name was simple: the menus featured Tex-Mex food and the month was May.

The owners of this new venture were well versed in the operations of other successful Mexican fast-food restaurants. So they decided to put that experience and knowledge to work in a place of their own.

They were so successful that by 1980 Taco Mayo had expanded into franchising. Quickly Taco Mayo grew from a single store into a regional operation of company and franchise locations covering Oklahoma and dipping into Kansas, Arkansas and Texas.


The solid base upon which Taco Mayo was formed in 1978 is still maintained nearly 40 years later. The constant dedication to quality of product, high standard of work ethic, value in long-standing vendor relationships and following a proven operating system are rooted in the “Taco Mayo family”. Many of our current top executives grew up with Taco Mayo. The accumulated experience, knowledge and hands-on expertise demonstrated by them are no doubt, beneficial to the longevity of Taco Mayo and all those who comprise the Taco Mayo team. The tenure of franchisees, store managers and employees is extraordinary and speaks volumes for the culture of Taco Mayo.


Another cornerstone of the Taco Mayo environment of success is an attitude to evolve. Over the years Taco Mayo has conceptualized new looks and new products. The importance of re-inventing oneself was observed early on. Since 1978 the appearance of Taco Mayo restaurants has transformed many times. However, maintaining the same quality and flavor of proprietary food favorites and pride in service continue to be the hallmarks of any Taco Mayo (*MY-OH is the correct pronunciation. As in “MY-OH-MY I COULD EAT THIS BURRITO ALL DAY!”)