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Members of the founding team were convinced that if they surrounded themselves with good people their new restaurant would be successful. That is truer today than ever before. The restaurant business is really the people business. People are the only competitive difference within the restaurant industry. Taco Mayo works hard to create an environment that attracts, develops, and keeps the best people in the business.

We are a business where an individual can rise to the highest level within the organization. The limits are only those placed on oneself. After all, the restaurant business is all about satisfying customers. Our mission statement, core values, and basic beliefs allow us to consistently remain “customer focused.”

So join an organization that has had tremendous impact within their region. We’ll place you in an environment where you can grow and reach your full potential. 

Employee Training

An individual begins a career in our management-training program with a certified Taco Mayo training manager. The program is designed to introduce the manager trainee to the hands-on aspect of our operating system. Taco Mayo prides itself on continuous improvement. Manager trainees learn specific details about each task that differentiates Taco Mayo’s operating system from our competitors.

We place the customer first in every aspect of our operation. At the conclusion of the 12-day training program you are tested to ensure your comprehension and knowledge and then placed in a restaurant for 7-10 days of certification. The final step of your management certification is to work a shift and be certified by an Area Manager.

Three levels of restaurant management:

  • General Managers: responsible for the complete operation of the restaurant.
  • Co-Managers: assist a manager in the operation of the restaurant.
  • Shift Leaders: management personnel responsible for the operation of the restaurant when the General Manager and Co-Managers are not present.

At the completion of your training you are evaluated and placed in the appropriate level of management.

Management Positions

Our senior management team is one of the most experienced in the business, starting with Chairman and Chief Operating Officer Randy Earhart, who managed our first Taco Mayo in 1978. All of our senior management operating team began their careers with us as either manager trainees or restaurant employees!

None of this happens by accident. We believe in placing an individual in a position where they can reach their fullest potential. As “Red” has said, “People’s good intentions are like drops of rain. One-by-one they don’t amount to much, but all together they can form a mighty ocean.” Our teams pull together with a focused mission statement: To Satisfy and Bring Back All Customers! Customers are defined as all people we are in contact with. Our Core Values just reinforce this approach to business and people.

We provide continuous support, competitive pay and bonuses, comprehensive benefits program, and a management structure that provides long-term opportunities for advancement!

Our comprehensive and regionally competitive management benefits package makes Taco Mayo one of the best companies to work for in the industry. We offer:

  • Competitive Wages (based on experience)
  • Comprehensive Bonus Plan
  • Paid Vacations (to qualified positions)
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Ownership Opportunities

Best of all, you are limited only by your own ability!


Crew Member Positions

Some members of our senior management team began their careers as crew members! Ask yourself this question, “Where do I want to be in 10 years?” We can help you get there. Crew members are the backbone of our business, and are usually the initial contact with our customers. Align your goals with Taco Mayo and we can both be successful!